Try our Organic beef jerky ''The Rancher''. Completely organic, without food additive, high protein and very low in fat!

Quebec Organic Growers Rheintal Rheintal Rheintal

A pure biopleasure!


Rediscover the taste experience of meats from days gone by.

A pure biopleasure!


Going from a simple blade of grass and naturally turning it into home-made charcuterie. The Results? A distinctive product.

A pure biopleasure!


35 years of passion for organic agri-food in search of the perfect balance between land, animals and humans.

A pure biopleasure!


“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A pure biopleasure!


Exceptional meats, unique and rich in flavour.

Authenticity, distinction, know-how, familial

Quebec produce with unique flavours respecting European artisan traditions.



Family-owned organic meat producer located in the Centre-du-Québec

Rheintal is a second-generation family business that grows crops, farms livestock and processes fresh organic meat along with fine organic deli meats.

Over the years, Rheintal has become one of the leaders in the Quebec organic agrifood industry.

Rheintal is proud to offer premium food to health-conscious people and epicureans. The farm produces meadow beef, pastured pork and milk-fed calves and also offers meat and deli meat products. The company operates according to specific agrifood principles and to a set of fundamental values: authenticity, distinction and expertise.

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New product Organic beef jerky
New product Organic beef jerkyOrganic beef jerkey ''The Rancher''
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February, month of love!
February, month of love!February, month of love! Order for $ 250 and more and receive this free appetizer package for 2 people.
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