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OUR HISTORY, our passion for agrifood

The family’s passion for agriculture started in 1969. Heidi Buesser and Hans Buecheli bought a small mountainside farm in the Rhine Valley, Switzerland. Then, in 1979, while visiting Quebec, they fell in love with the Centre-du-Quebec region which seemed to offer the best environmental and agricultural conditions.

Over the years, their passion and values were transmitted to their daughter and partner. In 2008, Guylaine and Sébastien, with an expertise in growing and farming, as well as in food processing and marketing of meat products and deli meats, took over the company.

Who is Rheintal? passion for the agrifood sector

Rheintal is an Organic Quebec processing business who process meat for Quebec organic growers. The choice of the quality of the meat is a priority and they are curious epicureans who believe in knowledge sharing.  Believing there’s always room for improvement, Rheintal always try their best to exceed the standards of the organic agrifood sector.

Guylaine Buecheli is the owner and the general manager of the company. With her education in marketing, she is responsible for getting the products on the market, as well as the accounting. Guylaine embraces farm life where the values instilled by her parents prove invaluable. In order to offer the best quality meat products, she has attended several apprendiceship training workshops in food processing in Quebec, Switzerland and France. Throughout the years, Guylaine’s passion for producing good and healthy food has only grown. She is very determined,positive and her enthusiasm is contagious.

« We do not inherit the Earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children. » Antoine de St-Exupéry

Minimizing disturbances to the waterways, soils and air is one of Rheintal’s objectives. Through agricultural practices of there Quebec organic grower, they protect and preserve nature and the environment. In order to do so, Rheintal aims to be as self-sufficient as possible and ensure the conservation of the biodiversity. According to them, having a small farm will benefit both the agricultural community and the environment.

The Team

The personal competencies of the employees are essential to offer you innovative, quality products and a dedicated service. Rheintal is surrounded by qualified workers with a variety of skills and complementary talents. The company values the individuality and diversity that every employee brings.

The cutters: meet the team

Mathieu Mailhot: The expert cutter

Mathieu, the experienced butcher, prepares the meat in different cuts, sizes and parts with the utmost care. His personality traits make him a good and positive leader.

Audrey Rainville: Logistics and distribution manager

Audrey is a hard-working, multi-tasking and devoted employee who always undertakes a multitude of responsibilities. We thank her for her daily devotion at work and for her consistency.

Meat specialists: meet the team

Julie Carignan:

Julie is the right-hand woman of the company. She is responsible for the meat processing, the salting, the cured meat, as well as the prepared food section. She ensures the highest quality finished products. From the end of May to October, she works at the Marché Godefroy and is always happy to serve you with a smile.

Sarah-Claude Arel-Montembeault:

Sarah works in the deli meat department and is responsible for the packaging. Always calm and happy, she performs her duties with her fairy hands. She has a huge heart and will always try to help people.

Sales and service representatives: meet the team


Caroline is the accountant and customer service manager. She always tries to meet customer expectations while being patient and efficient. Her gentleness is essential to the team.

Gaston Provencher:

Gaston, the oldest employee, is the delivery man, always caring and ensuring the clients are well satisfied. Not only is he knowledgeable about the merchandise, but also a meticulous, patient and attentive employee.