Our values

From the farm to your table…

A word from the owner 

 "Carnivore, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan... The important thing is to respect everyone's food choices. I advocate a healthy, diversified, balanced and quality diet. Agriculture is a whole. It is part of a natural life cycle. I believe that meat will always continue to feed us. I am talking about producing meat in an eco-responsible, organic way that respects animal welfare. I believe in regenerative agriculture that looks at agriculture and the environment as a whole and promotes biodiversity and improves the quality and health of ecosystems." 


Being authentic in every kind of task or activity Rheintal undertakes is primordial. Their meat has a unique distinctive quality and flavour. At every step of the production and the transformation, they ensure a rigorous maintenance of quality, and they commit themselves to offering you fresh and tasty products. They also insist on offering good customer service to make sure you are making the best choices.


Becoming certified organic farmers was a high-minded goal. Discovering new ways of doing agriculture while respecting the organic certification norms, limiting the ecological footprints, and improving the comfort of the animals is remarkable. They are always open to refinement and new experiences in order to develop authentic tastes. Their European-inspired deli meats have been perfected over the years through French and Swiss traditions. Enjoy the moment while savoring the intense, refined or sweet flavours of their authentic products. All done with their practical knowledge and know-how of today's agronomy: an amalgamation of traditional techniques and the results of modern research.


Rheintal is the result of an authentic know-how they have been developing for more than 35 years. Through the respect of old recipes, the meticulous selection of raw materials and the traditional manufacturing processes, they have made a difference. The choice of the animals, diet and the way they take care of them are essential to offering the best quality meat. By believing in the ability to innovate and improve constantly, Rheintal wants to make the world a better place.